Da Nang Cathedral (Pink Church)

Da Nang Cathedral is the cathedral of Danang Diocese in central Vietnam. This is also known as the Pink church Da Nang, the only church built in Danang city in the French colonial period, in 1923 by the priest Louis Vallet for Danang’s French colonial population. The church officially opened its doors on 10 March 1924 with the purpose of serving the French Catholics who lived in Da Nang at that time. Now, Da Nang cathedral still functions as a lively place of worship for the catholic locals in Da Nang.

da nang cathedral

This imposing, candy-pink cathedral Da Nang is known locally by the name ‘Rooster’ (Con Ga) Church. The name comes from the imposing bell tower that’s topped with a rooster weathercock.. It’s explained that the rooster on the roof of the church is not in fact the symbol of France, but is a symbol associated with St Peter’s story in the Gospel about repentance and awakening.

What to explore

The church was designed with Gothic styles. Inside the church, there are holy pictures and statues illustrated the Bible events as motifs of Western churches. On the top roof of the church at the lightening rod position, there is with a statue of a gray rooster made of alloyed used to determine the directions of the winds.

da nang cathedral

Da Nang cathedral measures about 70 meters in height, and it’s Gothic-style design is an amazing and marvelous architectural structure incorporating several medieval stained glass windows of various saints. Da Nang Cathedral has been awarded a medal by the Vatican Holy See.

The Pink church features a simple interior design of engraved motifs, rhombic-shaped arches, medieval-style stained glass windows of various saints, and statues depicting events from the Holy Bible. Behind the rooster church is a grotto of the Blessed Virgin Mary, which is a replica of the Lourdes Grotto in France. Da Nang Cathedral is a wonderful religious site, well worth a visit whilst you are discovering Da Nang city.

da nang cathedral

Mass Times

As the only church in Da Nang, it serves the local Catholic community. Services are held in different languages daily, with English-spoken sermons on Sundays at 9:00Am. If you’re looking to visit this church for Mass, make sure to head there early due to limited seats. Entrance to Da Nang Cathedral is also free of charge. The cathedral is located centrally on Tran Phu Street, about a 15-minute walk from the iconic Dragon Bridge. Aside from its impressive Gothic-style architectural structure, Da Nang Cathedral is great for escaping the bustling city centre as its high tower offers a stunning view of the city, Han River.

  • Weekdays:  5.00AM and 17.15PM
  • Saturday:  17.15
  • Sunday:  05.15, 08.00 (Children), 10.00 (English), 15.00, 17,00, 18,30