Mud Bath Nha Trang

Tourists coming to visit Vietnam usually pass by Nha Trang – a wonderful and beautiful city with clear beaches, soft white sand and many other amusement places. Beside the sea, Nha Trang also has a special resource which is mud and hot mineral water. This is considered one of the most enjoyable thing to do when being in Nha Trang.

mud bath nha trang

Generally, mud bath is soaking in a bath containing mineral mud which is a natural mud formed from thee change of geology, mineral mud derived from plants such as trees, flowers, grass buried or from  land created mineral mud. It includes some ingredients such as organic, inorganic, carbon-containing substances and easy to absorb water. The reason why it is said to be good for health is that it can treat a number of diseases such as chronic arthritis, tuberculosis, insomnia, sciatica, stress, psoriasis. Moreover, mud bath therapy also adjusts endocrine disorders, makes beautiful skin and smooth, youthful and toned. Therefore, tourists, especially women, really enjoy that kind of bath.

When reaching a mud bath center, tourists will be guided clearly about how to take that bath. After changing clothes, guests will be instructed to clean the body with hot water, followed by a main stage with a mud bath. Lying in pools of mud, apply on the face, bouncing up and body hair. Soaking in the mud about 15 minutes, visitors will be directed sunbathe to mineral absorbed by the skin. Then rinse through water clean mud and soak in the hot mineral water pool, waterfall, pool or it’s up to the guest. To achieve high efficiency mud bath, do not shower with cold water, and especially the shower with soap will wash away layers of mud minerals remaining on the skin, reducing the effectiveness of mud. In people with acute heart failure, while soaking the body can cause up reactions such as fatigue, stress, insomnia, dizziness. It should be noted temperature, bath time a different person. After each soaking the whole body should dry and rest 10-20 minutes.

Overall, there are some places which are on the top list of mud bathing that tourists can notice. Thap Ba hot mineral springs center must be mentioned firstly or secondly. Located at number 15 Ngoc Son Street, Ngoc Hiep, Nha Trang and opening daily from 7AM to 7PM, the hot springs center is set against a mountain backdrop with plenty of greenery and flowers. It is also fitted with private and shared mud-baths, herbal-bath, Jacuzzi, waterfall, swimming pool, and sauna. That is to say Thap Ba Hot Springs Centre offers a variety of services and treatment packages at different price levels. Costing VND 150,000 for adults and VND 70,000 for children below 12 years old, a basic mud bath package comprises of a 15-minute mineral mud bath in the communal pool, a 30-minute soak in naturally hot mineral water, followed by a hydrotherapy session using warm or cool mineral water.

Another famous mud bathing place that is 8km from the city of Nha Trang is the Eggs Mud Bath. This center impresses tourists from the first time to hear its name. What’s more, it is quite unique and interesting when there are mineral bath egg-shaped stretches from the bottom to the hillside. From on top looking down, both egg forest interwoven with banana garden, papaya, coconut … looks very strange and beautiful. Each bathtub is about 2m high, 1.8m in diameter, may be three people shower. Mud on high tank was put into the pump system. Guests soak in the bathtub for about 20 minutes or maybe longer, then stepped out of the tub and onto sunbath area to minerals absorbed into the skin. And finally rinse water in the water spraying. Without a mud bath, guests can choose spa services also herbal soak in a warm bathtub of mineral water mixed herbs. Underneath region herbal mud bath and spa is a public swimming pool. Another area is the sauna area and mud. Each area men and women separate have two saunas, dry and wet, each room can accommodate 15-20 people at once.

Visting Nha Trang, tourists can have various options for their favorite destination. Among all of them, mud bath is one of the type of entertainment that they are highly recommended to experience. Not only it is proved to have many benefits for people body but the mud bath is also a perfect time when tourists can completely relax and stay away from their busy and tiring normal life.