Van Trinh Cave

Van Trinh Cave in Ninh Binh is the biggest dry cave that can be classified as the most beautiful cave in Ninh Binh. The cave is located in Mo mountain in Thuong Hoa commune, Nho Quan district. You can visit Van Trinh following the tour to Kenh Ga floating village. Van Trinh cave, which still keeps its natural beauty with the purity and simplicity of the stone, is both accessible by boat from Kenh Ga and car along the dyke of Hoang Long River.

Van Trinh Cave Ninh Binh

Another name of Van Trinh is Giang Tien cave, from a legend that, the youngest goddess of Heaven who want to help people raising children healthy and beautiful come down on earth, saw this land with great scenery, so she stayed and live here. She has built many baths in the cave, the water in the tank is always full, clear. When she came to the sky, local people set up a temple in front of the gates and called it Giang Tien grotto.

Take a boat ride on Hoang Long river, to the foot of Mo mountain, go along the mountain side and start the visit to Van Trinh cave. Climbing up 77 steps, visitors will come to the gates and admire the sky clouds floating, blending with green trees stretching, in fresh air.

Van Trinh Cave Ninh Binh

The lower cave, called Ca Cave, is divided into two separate areas by a stalactite screen, and has high ceiling and many beautiful stalactites and stalagmites. The cave foundation contains many multi-shape stone stalactites. Many stalactites form artificial ornamental basin with full edges and decorative patterns.

The ceiling of the cave looks like a Cathedral church with glittering stalagmite beams like hanging light-bulbs. Around the cave is the relief artwork with stalactites with all kinds of human beings, animals such as reed, eagles, tigers, turtles, big rocks…

Van Trinh Cave Ninh Binh

Inside the cave of Van Trinh, the murmuring water from a number of stalactites falls down to make the melodious sound. There is also a large, round, high pole, connected from the ceiling to the cave floor. There are many stone blocks shaped like the bodyguards, the actors are dancing and singing, also a wide road down to the hell…