How to book your trip

We value your experience and provide as much flexibility as possible as well as a wide range of choices. All great trips start with an idea. If you have a general idea what type of trip you want, where you might want to go and how long you would like to go for, you have all we need to start the process of building your personalized travel itinerary. Get a quote free and quickly before you would finalize to book.

day trip vietnam

1. Find your desired tours & package or customize it your way

We have a collections of our special designed tours on the website, if you cannot find a suitable one feel free to get in touch with our consultant.

2. Speak to our consultant

Whether your travel plans are at a tentative stage or completely defined and you are ready to book your trip, our travel consultants have the first-hand experience and up-to-date knowledge required to put your plans into action. They can answer your questions, offer suggestions and advice and, if you are ready, start planning your trip in detail.

3. Get your detailed itinerary and quotation

Your consultant will carefully design your trip, creating a detailed and unique itinerary, complete with facts about the country, maps, accommodation and a price. Instantly confirm or reply your questions.

4. Refinement

Once you agree and confirm with our arrangement and you can always ask any further questions and refine the itinerary until you are completely happy.

5. Confirmation

Once you are satisfied with all the arrangements, we ask you to complete a booking form and pay your deposit, at which point we start to confirm all the arrangements.

6. Staying in touch

Even after booking you’ll undoubtedly think of more questions. Feel free to call your consultant at any time. In any case they will give you a call/message a few days before you are due to travel, to check everything is OK and go through your itinerary one last time.

Enjoy your trip with us!