Tam Coc – Bich Dong

Tam Coc is considered as the most attractive destination in Ninh Binh, also known as other name “Halong bay on land”. Tam Coc (literally meaning Three Caves) include Hang Ca (first cave), Hang Hai (second cave) and Hang Ba (third cave). All three caves are formed by the Ngo Dong River flowing through the mountain..

tam coc birdview

It’s about 90km away from Hanoi city, and the best way to discover Tam Coc is on a small rowing boat. The trip will take about 2-3 hours to travel through all of three magnificent caves. The best time to visit Tam Coc is from late April to June when the rice fields is growing and turn yellow.

tam coc boat ride

The boat ride in Tam Coc takes us along the winding Ngo Dong River, you can admire two riverside with golden rice fields, the view of the rocky mountains or you can watch closely into water with the abundant aquatic species fluttering under the water. The boat will take you through Tam Coc (three caves). Firstly is the Hang Ca with 127 meter in length, crossing through a huge mountain. Its mouth is 20 meter wide and the climate inside the cave is so cool. You can easily see the stalactites hanging down magically in various shapes. The next is Hang Hai, about 1km away from the Hang Ca. This cave is 60 meter in length and also full of beautiful stalactites. Finally is the Hang Ba nearby Hang Hai with its ceiling is so low compared to the other two caves that it looks like a stone arch.

tam coc boat trip

Bich Dong Pagoda, an ancient pagoda attached to rock mountain, about 2 km from Tam Coc wharf. The pagoda is built in the style of “Tam Toa” (three pagodas). At the foot of the mountain, the lower pagoda (Chua Ha) with typical oriental features, the roof of the pagoda is two-tiered curve. Follow about 120 stone steps, you will come to middle pagoda (Chua Trung), a very unique pagoda with open half and half of which is attached to the cave. Continue on 40 steps, you go to the Upper Pagoda (Chua Thuong) in the highest position, the worshiping place of Quan Yin Buddha.

Bich Dong pagoda

It can be said that the scenery of the most scenic area of Ninh Binh is a harmonious combination of the beautiful landscape of the cave, the rugged mountain, the river, the romantic stream.. Tam Coc – Bich Dong area still holds the untouched nature beauty, well-representing the simplicity and rustic charm of country life. There are also many breathtaking caves that make you feel immersed into nature, as well as other historical relics and culture attractions, including Thai Vi temple, Am Tien caves, Linh Coc pagoda, Mua cave, Thung Nham bird park